Questions on the Prosto Frameless Shower Door System:


Do You Have Some Installation Advice?

We sure do. You can print out a PDF manual on how to install shower doors. We also have a video presentation to walk you through it here. We suggest you do not adjust the tension on your hinges unless you have more experience installing showers doors. If you have never installed a Prosto Shower before please carefully review all of our information. While the bulk of our customers are DIYers we recommend a professional handyman or licensed contractor install.


How exact do my measurements need to be?

It depends on what seals you are using. If you're using magnets you have quite a bit of play. If they are attached all the way they'll use the dimensions we give you. But if you don't slide them all the way onto the glass you can gain another 1/2" of play. These seals are especially useful when your walls are not square. 

The hinges are a bit smaller than the hinge cutouts in the glass. This gives about another 3/16" of play. Long story short, you want to be as precise as possible but you can fudge the measurements a little bit.


What is the thickness of the glass?

Prosto shower glass is 10mm (3/8") thick. Sometimes folks ask us for 1/2" glass. 1/2" glass for shower doors is a bad idea for because of the weight. It's much heavier and in most scenarios require suction cups to safely move it. After installation the hinges will wear out faster or you'd have to make you buy a 3rd hinge which would result in more expensive hinges and glass fab.


Is this Tempered glass?

It sure is. When it breaks it will shatter into thousands of pieces. That means you cannot cut or drill into our glass.  It is possible for the edges to chip away without the entire piece exploding, but that's it. If you'd like to learn more about how shower glass is tempered and why watch this video clip.


Where do I need a brace?

Any time you have a B panel, it MUST have a brace. When the shower door swings it will create about 150 pounds of tension onto the B panel.

We also recommend a brace for large C panels (over 15"). When using B & C panels some customers order 2 braces just for symmetrical appearance even though the 2nd isnt necessary. 


How tall are Prosto Showers?

The shower glass is 72" tall. The shower door is about 71.5" to allow room for the floor seal on the underside of the glass. Remember that your glass sits on a curb so the interior height of the shower is about 75" for most showers. Do you need taller? Check your existing shower, the glass or curtain is probably lower than 72" off the curb. Any taller and you can start to have weight issues (glass is heavy). Read about all of the reasons in our shower blog post here


Do I need all seals / magnets?

Nope, you can setup your shower without them especially if it's a big shower. If it's not a big shower we highly recommend the seals. The door should have a seal around 3 sides, with only the top unsealed. 

Hinge Side - This is an inexpensive seal that you can cut around the hinges with a knife or scissors. 

Floor - This is the most important seal. When water slides down the door it's job is to make sure it stays in the shower. 

Magnets - This is where the door meets the wall or C panel. You don't have to have it but it definitely doesn't hurt. The magents are also what stop the door at a 90 degree angle.


Where do I need U-Channel?

You need U-channel with every B & C panel. We use the U-channel along the long edge of the glass panel. On the floor we silicone the interior and exterior of the glass. 

Some folks prefer U-channel on the floor as well. This would give the B and C panels more rigidty along the floor. While the silicone we sell is plenty strong, it does stretch a tiny bit. The aluminum on the u-channel won't stretch at all. 

U-channel can easily be cut with a hack saw. They come in 72" lengths in a brushed aluminum or oil rubbed bronze.  If you would like to add u-channels for the floor to use in addition to silicone, give us a call and we'll add them to your order.



Can I get frosted glass?

Heck yes but it will require a little bit of handy work on your end. A few different brands sell a 'frosted' glass spray paint for $5-6. It works for our application here. The downside is you have to spend some time on it. 

The upside is that you can make all sorts of beautiful designs in the shower glass. For example you can use tape to make straight lines and frost only the middle of your shower. that way your head and feet are visible. Here are some other ideas of frosted shower glass designs.


Can I use Prosto for a Steam Shower?

You sure can. One thing people forget is that steam rises. You want to ceiling in your steam room to be as low as possible otherwise the steam turns into water on your ceiling. Prosto shower glass is 6ft high. If you want a 7ft ceiling you'll need a soffit to come down 1ft to meet the shower. At the top of the glass you will use silicone and or u-channel to seal the glass inside and outside.  Give us a call so we can add these additional u-channels to your order.


Is silicone really that strong?

Some silicone adhesives are junk. The silicone you can buy from our accessories section has double the tensile strength of some GE brand silicones available at Home Depot. With that said we've had plenty of customers get a GE brand silicone adhesive from HD and install without problems.The silicone we sell we use not only for showers but for gluing sinks on. Watch this video clip to see the strength.


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