Questions on the Lazy Granite Modular Tile System:


How Do I order Lazy Granite?

We understand that ordering a new kitchen countertop is a big purchase, we aim to simplify the process to make it quick and easy for you to do everything right here on our website.  If you ever have any questions, don't hesitate to call us and chat- we're here 6 days/week from 9:30am -4:30pm MTN at (888) 789-0560.  Ordering tiles for your kitchen is easier than you think.  We provide all of the information you need to purchase and install right on our website.

1. Pick a color: Visit the gallery and narrow down your options.  You can order samples if you want to see the colors in person before you purchase.

2. Figure out how many and which tiles you will need: Send us a diagram of your kitchen countertop and we'll calculate for you.

3. Place your order and relax.  In just 2 weeks the tiles will arrive straight to your home.  $99 flat rate shipping!


How do I know how many tiles I need?

Let us calculate for you. Simply send us a diagram of your kitchen by visiting this page on our website. We'll get back to you in a couple of days with your options. Or, you can do the math on your own by adding up the linear inches of your countertop and dividing by 18 (the width of the lazy tile), add a 24x24 tile for each inside corner and left or right hand corners for any open edges. Sink kits=2 lazy tiles. These basic rules will cover most simple kitchens. Bar tops and angled counters can get more complicated, but don't stress, we can help.


Should I Order Extra Tiles?

This is a smart idea.  Like we mentioned above, you will likely be cutting several tiles, a tile could break while cutting or handling or you could cut the tile incorrectly, so it's a good idea to order some extra so you don't have to postpone your project during installation.  Consider which tiles you'll be handling the most and get an extra of those- like the Lazy Tiles, Bullnose, and Backsplash.


How do I Install Lazy Granite?

Make sure you watch the installation video here:

Installation is actually very simple, even for a newbie DIYer because the tiles are designed for kitchen countertops.  So there is alot less cutting and leveling required.  The key is to ensure you have the right tools.  

Tools you need for installation:

- Tile saw (Don't have one? you can rent one at a local home improvement shop!)

- Bucket for mixing your mortar and grout in,

- Mortar trowel for spreading the mortar

- Grout float for spreading the grout,

- Large sponge for cleaning excess grout from the tile surface,

- Tile spacers / levelers,

- Rubber mallet for leveling and removing leveling wedges. 

Not into doing it yourself? Don't worry, hire your local tile installer and they'll be done in a weekend.


Any Tips for Hiding the Seams?..

If you really want to hide the seams, pick a tile that is uniform in design- either granular or solid. This will ensure your tiles will match up to and you can hide the seams easily.  Another great tip is to use an epoxy filling instead of regular grout.  Here's a video that walks you through it:



What if My Shipment Arrives Damaged?

Over the past 10 years, we have become experts in shipping our stone.  Read more about how we ship your granite here.  So while damage during shipment is rare, it can happen, which is why we ensure every shipment.  When your stone is delivered, be sure to inspect the contents before signing off on it. Open the crate and check all the tiles.  If there is any damage, mark that on the delivery receipt and take some pictures.  

Contact us, we'll check the delivery receipt and ask you to send us those pictures so we can file a claim with the freight company.  We'll ship the replacement tiles via UPS.  While the need for this is rare, we do have a process in place.

Keep in mind, during installation, you will be cutting several tiles, so if there are chips on some of them, try cutting those first to see if you can make use of them.  More often than not, this works too.


How much is shipping?

We charge based on the weight of the tiles, most kitchen configurations will fall under the flat rate $199 shipping.  Extra tiles and small projects could be less, just check the shipping quote in the shopping cart for more info.


What is a Sink Kit?

A sink kit includes both an undermount kitchen sink and the lazy tiles that are pre-cut to make installing the sink very simple.

More about the sink:  

Double basin, 16 guage stainless steel sink that is insulated and padded.  

Basin Dimensions: 

- Left basin is the larger side, roughly 16" x 18.5"

- Right basin measures roughly 12" x 16".

Total dimensions including the 2 Lazy tiles: 36" x 24"

We also sell kitchen sink drains that you can add on as well for a steal!


Can I get a Custom Sink Kit Made for my Current Sink?

Unfortunately, cutting the tiles for another sink is not something we offer, but depending on the layout of the sink you have, it may still work.


When will I get my shipment?

When your order comes in, we immediately start building out the crate specifically for your order.  We'll pull the tiles, and perform a quality check to ensure they're all in great shape, then pack it in the crate.  So, we usually ship within 3 business days and then it depends on your location and which carriers deliver there. We say 2 weeks just to be safe. 


Can I Use Lazy Tiles in a Bathroom?

You sure can.  The only thing to keep in mind is the difference between kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets is about 3".  Kitchen cabinets are 24" and bathroom cabinets are 21".  You can easily just cut the back end by 3" to fit a bathroom cabinet.  We also see many of our customers using Lazy Tiles in their Laundry rooms and outdoor kitchens as well.  Lazy tiles are perfect outdoors because they're strong and durable, but less expensive than slabs. 


What are the dimensions of all the tiles?

We have diagrams of each of the tiles on the order page or this page provides more detail on each tile.


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