Margarita Flint Vetrazzo Bathroom Countertops Sample

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Margarita Flint Vetrazzo Bathroom Countertops Sample

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Order a sample of Margarita Flint Vetrazzo for your bathroom countertop. Due to our limited supply, we are offering a full refund when you return the sample to us (just pay return shipping).

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Margarita Flint Vetrazzo for Bathroom Countertops:

Is margarita a color? For Margarita Flint Vetrazzo, it can't be described any other way. The monochromatic tones of taupe and cream blend to form this beautiful, stately slab for vanity countertops. Made from the flint crystal glass, now known as English Crystal, these angular shards in large and small variants mix with the portland cement base and smaller salt like crystals to bring dynamic and sparkling shine.

Vetrazzo Bathroom Countertops:

Nestappeal is a certified vendor for Vetrazzo Bathroom Countertops. Save money over other Vetrazzo Dealers when you order online. We maximize each vetrazzo slab and pass those savings over to you.

Vetrazzo recycled glass countertops are the perfect statement for your bathroom. Each unique slab is not only beautiful, but is also a sustainable and envioronmentally friendly countertop option. Vetrazzo is made from a combination of 85% Recycled Glass and 15% modified portland white Cement binder to form unique and beautiful works of art.

More about Vetrazzo Recyled Glass:

Recycled bottles, winshields, stained glass and even traffic lights are all used in manufacturing. Instead of sending these glass products to the landfill, they are transfromed into gorgeous slab countertops for your bathroom or kitchen.

Not only are the countertops themselves recylced, Vetrazzo does all of their manufcacturing in an old, recycled Ford assembly plant in Richmond, California and they do their part to limit air pollutions using solar power and recyled water.


vetrazzo countertop bathroom

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand No
Stone Vetrazzo
Color Margarita Flint Vetrazzo
Veins Granular
Tone Light
Price Group $$$$$
Tier 6
Thickness 3 cm
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