What Size Vanity Top Do I Need To Buy?

So you need a new top for your bathroom vanity eh?  Now only 1 question remains… What size vanity top do I need to buy?  You can easily answer this question in just a few minutes with nothing more than a measuring tape. Usually there is a 1 inch over-hang on every side of a vanity not touching a wall. So all you need to do is measure your vanity cabinet and add 1 inch to each side not touching a wall.  More of a visual learner huh?  Lets do an example below…

Measuring A Vanity Cabinet

36″ + 1″ = 37″      /      21″ + 1″ = 22″

So if the vanity is 21 inches deep, the counter top should be 22 inches deep. If the vanity is 36 inches wide, with one edge against a wall, the counter top should be 37 inches wide.

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