Travertine: Friend or Foe

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Travertine is something that not every home owner may know is an option for floors, countertops, and tiling. Most will want to go directly to granite or marbles and they completely overlook the the potential that travertine has. But first, I think that we should figure out what travertine really is.

Travertine is a limestone that is formed from the sedimentary rock that contains the remains of plants and animals. it is often deposited by mineral and hot springs. It is predominately made up of a calcium carbonate. It does vary in color throughout the stone due to the mottling and veins that run through it and that is because during the process that it is formed, different layers settled on top of each other. This process also allows for more air pockets to form in the stone which results in a very porous stone. Since it is so porous, the stone easily absorbs liquids and oils which can result in staining of the stone. That is also one of the reasons that travertines are not recommended for kitchen counters and heavily used bathrooms. red-travertine-spain-malaga-alicante
Now just because it is a little weaker of a stone than marbles and granite, doesnt mean that you should avoid it all together. It is a nice enough stone to have the Roman Coliseum built from it, and that thing has been around for years. The colors that travertine comes in has such a wide range that you are able to have it match the rest of your bathroom and give a beautiful look that your heart desires. Just remember to seal your counter top after installation and it will last for years.formica_180fx_3423_travertine_gold

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