Top 5 Benefits of Quartz Countertops

Quartz is sort of an up and coming hipster in the kitchen and bathroom countertop scene.  Aesthetically it looks cool and modern, and this definitely one big reason so many are considering this stone for many rooms in the house; kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms.  But, there are other many other benefits of quartz countertops for your remodel… See our Top 5 below:

Benefits of Quartz Countertops
Cashmere Carrara Quartz looks like Marble!
  1. Quartz doesn’t need to be sealed-  Engineered Quartz is nonporous. This means, bacteria or other stains won’t penetrate the stone.  This also means, it’s maintenance free! When you really think about this one… it’s a huge benefit!  Granite countertops are supposed to be sealed once a year at a minimum.  But, this process is sort of a pain, when was the last time you had a couple hours to clear off everything from your countertops to apply sealer?  And how do you know when you should reseal? Or if the sealant has worn off?
  2. Quartz can look like Marble and Granite- If you are new to your search for bathoom countertops, this might be news to you.  Because quartz is an engineered stone (93% quartz -or other natural stone, 7% resin binder and color) it can be made in any color and can mimic the aesthetic of 100% natural stone, like Marble or Granite.
  3. What you see is what you get with Quartz- This is another one of the benefits of quartz countertops and using an engineered stone.  Manufacturers can control the granularity, veining, and other variations.  So, you won’t get a sample of something and the final product looks quite a bit different.
  4. Quartz is Super Strong- In the manufacturing process, resin is added and acts as a binder for the stone, this makes it more durable and scratch resistant than natural stone.  Granite better watch out, because Quartz is creeping in as the top choice for countertops.
  5. Quartz is Affordable- Some quartz can cost as much as granite or marble, but usually it’s less. Especially if you are looking at a 3cm slab of marble. Yikes.

So, while Granite and Marble are still great choices and look beautiful in your bathroom. You may want to consider hopping on the quartz bandwagon for something that is a little easier to maintain, stronger, more durable… and best of all- doesn’t require sealant to keep bacteria and stains out! Check out our selection of MSI Quartz for your bathroom countertop.

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