Do It Yourself Granite Countertops- We believe in you

Are you a Do it yourselfer? Do you have your own blog and 1000 followers on pinterest? Do it yourself granite countertops appeal to you? Or maybe…

Maybe you’ve done a few of the ‘turn a drawer into a cabinet’ or ‘make a cool bathroom organizer with mason jars’, but you’ve never done the type of DIY where you are using power tools that you have to rent from home depot.

Or maybe you’re a virgin DIYer, you’ve never even heard of home depot.

Regardless of what category of DIYer you put yourself in, I wrote this article for you. Because everyone needs a little motivation sometimes. And honestly, these granite tile countertops are actually pretty easy to install, once you get used to the idea that you’re going to rent/buy a tile saw and use it. Like I said, we believe in you.

OK, so here it is… a breakdown of this particular Granite Tile Countertop, that is a perfect DIY Countertop project, because it has some cool features that make installing it a bit easier.

Do It yourself Granite Countertops:

The unique features of Lazy Granite Modular Tiles- check them out here.

  1. Go big or go home. Larger tiles are easier to install for several reasons.  They have fewer leveling points, fewer seams and they also just look alot nicer.
  2. Edging is included in the tile.  This means you won’t have the 90 degree sharp edges that your kids will hit their heads on, you won’t have a seam at the edge of your countertop where you do all the cooking, cutting, spilling.
  3. A sink kit!  You can get a sink kit that includes the a stainless steel sink with the tiles cut and polished to fit perfectly over the top. Big bonus! (you just need 36″ width of space for this bad boy)
  4. Other handy tile shapes. You can get tiles that work perfectly for open corners and bullnose edges for the front of the stove or other small ledges.
  5. Cost- you’re going to save thousands of dollars when compared to a slab.  (and you’ll probably also save time (i.e. money) over small tiles when you’re installing, so that’s another good way to look at it.)

Here are some Tips for this DIY countertop install:

  1. Tile Saws are your friend. You will need one on this project and that it will be amazingly helpful:
    1. You’ll want a wet tile saw, and set it up outside
    2. Tape over the tiles where you’re cutting to reduce chipping
    3. Watch our installation videos and google some other videos of people using tile saws.
  2. Are you going to need to polish any edges? If so, you will need a stone polisher with varying levels of grit to get that fine polished and rounded edge. You might need this if you can’t use the sink kit.
  3. Layout where you want the seams to fall with each tile on your diagram first.
  4. Make sure you level.  And use a mortar board to apply the mortar evenly under the tiles.
  5. Use tile spacers to ensure you’re evenly laying the tiles. There are 1/16th of an inch thick spacers that will minimize your grout lines.
  6. Pick a tile that will hide the seams, something with regular granularity vs wild crazy veining.
  7. If times get tough, call us. (888)789 – 0560. We have super knowledgeable and friendly customer service 6 days/week.
  8. Have fun! You’re going to add value to your home, and also end up with a really great countertop that will be durable and beautiful for years to come.

Motivated? Pick a color to get started.


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